We firmly believe that Term Insurance and Health insurance are the only ethical and correct insurance covers to buy, and this is where we guide you to choose the best.

Generally insurance is confused with investments which is not to be as it is meant to give maximum risk cover to a family in the two worst emergencies a family can face, one is the death of the earning member or members and second is unforeseen costly health emergency to a member/members of a family.

All other traditional plans of LIC or PRIVATE INSURANCE COMPANIES like JEEVAN RAKSHA SERIES, WEALTH PLANS, PENSION PLANS, CHILDREN EDUCATION PLANS or by any other name are just sugar coatings of different colors and tastes to encash on peoples lack of knowledge, as they give returns of just 6% to 8% with high premiums for many years and give minimal risk cover, which shall never be adequate for a family’s need in case of emergency.

We here guide you to choose the finest term insurance and health insurance plans which are of great benefit in case of emergency. We do not deal with any other type of insurance plans as we ethically feel that rest all insurance plans are just fleecing money from clients, giving them paltry returns and insurance companies themselves are investing this money in stocks, making huge returns.