We educate and empower individuals with financial knowledge and acumen, thus, creating professionals who would catalyse the next wave of financial proficiency in India.

Our Programme establishes the credibility of the students’ skills on basic working of stock markets, process of placing and tracking orders or trades, and basic equity portfolio construction along with exposure to all facets of the Indian Stock Market and the various filters required to identify the best companies to invest in. The certification should be seen as the first but a firm step towards building practical skills and expertise in stocks and capital markets. It provides students a strong platform for a career in any segment in the banking and financial services domain.

Objectives of the Programme

  • Provide essential skills on equity trading and investment in asset classes like equities, ETFs and equity derivatives.
  • Give hands on experience of investing & trading in equity market instruments using virtual stock market platform.
  • Increase financial literacy among college students and young working professionals in relation to securities market.
  • Help the participants consider stock markets a genuine place for wealth creation and also demonstrate their knowledge to potential employers in the broad domains of financial market.